Hi, I’m Dave,

I started out as a database analyst/admin kind of thing, and spent a long time focusing on relational databases in healthcare, and then in education before starting a development company with my wife (Rachelle)

We enjoyed doing tonnes of work for very little money for a few years before teaming up with a few entrepreneurial friends and starting iApotheca Healthcare

These days when I’m not working on iApotheca projects, I enjoy doing side projects (usually to try different stacks/technologies in low-risk settings) and spending time with my family

Check out my tool-belt page to see what I build my projects with


mysql -e "Select attribute, value from user_meta_data where name like 'dave';"


| attribute          | value                                                                          |


| lives_in           | Peterborough, Ontario                                                          |

| works_at           | iApotheca Healthcare                                                           |

| twitter            | @david_hallin                                                                  |

| github             | hallindavid                                                                    |

| codes_in           | PHP (Laravel), GoLang, Javascript (Vue.js or Alpine.js)                        |

| favorite_stack     | TALL (TailwindCSS, AlpineJS, Laravel, Livewire)                                |

| sense_of_humour    | according to his kids, it's awesome :P                                         |

| experience         | ~ 13 yrs, (~5 as a database admin, ~8 as full-stack dev)                       |