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inspired by other developers "my setup" pages

Dec 2, 2020

This page is inspired by some other developer’s “my setup” pages.


So I largely do 2 types of programming, PHP and Go.

For most of my PHP work I use PhpStorm and for most of my Go work I use GoLand.

These are both made by JetBrains so they have an annual subscription associated with them, but the code completion and package imports make these things pretty awesome.

I use a pretty generic dark theme, and the FiraCode font for both of them. The only real customization I’ve done is moving the project panel to the right-hand side which I saw in Caleb Porzio’s VS Code Setup, and I think it fit’s my needs better.

I also keep a few other IDEs/editors on my system.

Sublime Text 3 - The IDE I was using before - I still find the multiple selection tools really comfortable in Sublime Text, so when I’m trying to do mass edits, to a CSV or something like that, I’ll usually pop open Sublime.

VS Code - I usually use this for my static website projects (using vue or alpine and html)


I have 2 computers that I use for my dev work.

My primary computer is a 2017 15" MacBook Pro

My secondary computer is an HP Spectre x360 ( 15.6" 4K/i7/16GB/512SSD )

The reason I need to use two separate machines is because I prefer Mac, and it works for most of my development work, but occasionally I need to build and compile for windows, so I have my HP for that.

The HP also has a great flip over touch screen with a stylus, so it works pretty great for taking notes or doing conferences.

Other useful dev apps

  • Filezilla - FTP client
  • TablePlus - my database client
  • Numi - quick math and note taking
  • Tinkerwell -a must have for Laravel Developers
  • LastPass - Password management
  • Brave - My primary browser
  • Miro - Fantastic for Planning/Mocking up/documenting ideas
  • Clubhouse - a absolutely fantastic project management tool (with a generous free tier)
  • Laravel Valet - for all my laravel apps
  • Lexi - JSON Browser - when I’m working with a json string this becomes super useful to explore JSON data
  • Faviconer - little tool that makes .ICO files for web apps
  • Monosnap - great for making screen recorded videos easily

My Setup