an open-source laravel-zero project that allows you track time spent on projects


I wanted to track the time I was spending on some of my projects. I looked at services like Toggl, but I never remember to open the app.

I figured if I had something accessible from command line, it’d be easier because I basically always have at least a terminal window open.

commands / usage

list projects

# Output a list of projects in your database
php timr project:list

sample output

begin working on project

# Begin time tracking on project (using prompts)
php timr project:start

# Begin time tracking on project with short code of acp
php timr project:start acp 

stop working on project

# End project time tracking (will prompt you to select which project, if more than 1 are active)
php timr project:stop 

show project entries

# Show Time Entries for project with short code of una
php timr project:log una

# Show time log entries for project with short code of una, between 2022-01-01 and 2022-02-01
php timr project:log una --from=2022-01-01 --to=2022-02-01


Check out the full docs on github