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29 Jul 2021

bash mission log

I released a new little bash tool to remind me of my daily goals every time I open my terminal

22 Mar 2021

learning flutter after using tall stack

learning flutter after using the tall stack for a while now (tailwind, alpine js, laravel, livewire

17 Mar 2021

🖊️ my new rule for writing dev blogs

a rule to follow when writing a dev blog post

09 Mar 2021

creating a worklog

what is it? why am i doing it? what do i hope to get from it?

08 Mar 2021

Switching this site to Hugo

I'm moving my blog from Jigsaw over to Hugo

02 Mar 2021

a re-usable, sharable, committable Honeybadger post-deployment script

If you use honeybadger, and want to track deployments, this script is for you.

20 Jan 2021

New opensource project- Alpine Transitions Previewer

a single page Alpine.js web app which allows you to preview & tweak Alpine.js transitions in real time

10 Dec 2020

Testing Upsert vs update case statements in Laravel & MySql

After my last post, I decided to test another idea that came out of conversation about it.

10 Dec 2020

using Model::Upsert in laravel 8

a super interesting way to run a single query, which updates many records in a database

02 Dec 2020

the weather zsh terminal function

get a weather report in terminal