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14 Oct 2020

Introduction to Youtube Channel

This is an introduction you my youtube channel

24 Sep 2020

New Update to Open Source Repository - Manny

I added a new feature to Manny, as well as changed the functionality a bit of the strip function

10 Aug 2020

Easy Tailwindcss Buttons

Easy Button Templates for TailwindCss

08 Aug 2020

Javascript confirm before calling wire:click in Laravel Livewire

Confirm an action with javascript before calling the livewire php function

02 Jun 2020

02 Apr 2020

Testing the Existance of Laravel Models

Coming from Codeigniter, using Eloquent to test for results can be different

30 Mar 2020

Masking Livewire inputs with manny

How to create masks for livewire inputs using hallindavid/manny package

30 Mar 2020

The importance of being a part of a dev community

I just got started building open source software. Why did it take me this long?

29 Mar 2020

My first open source package

I just released my first open-source package

28 Mar 2020

Deploying a static site to a repo subtree and hosting it for free on github pages

I explain how I setup an easy way of deploying to github pages with a domain name