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02 Mar 2021

a re-usable, sharable, committable Honeybadger post-deployment script

If you use honeybadger, and want to track deployments, this script is for you.

20 Jan 2021

New opensource project- Alpine Transitions Previewer

a single page Alpine.js web app which allows you to preview & tweak Alpine.js transitions in real time

10 Dec 2020

Testing Upsert vs update case statements in Laravel & MySql

After my last post, I decided to test another idea that came out of conversation about it.

10 Dec 2020

using Model::Upsert in laravel 8

a super interesting way to run a single query, which updates many records in a database

02 Dec 2020

the weather zsh terminal function

get a weather report in terminal

02 Dec 2020

what i use

inspired by other developers "my setup" pages

14 Oct 2020

Introduction to Youtube Channel

This is an introduction you my youtube channel

24 Sep 2020

New Update to Open Source Repository - Manny

I added a new feature to Manny, as well as changed the functionality a bit of the strip function

10 Aug 2020

Easy Tailwindcss Buttons

Easy Button Templates for TailwindCss

08 Aug 2020

Javascript confirm before calling wire:click in Laravel Livewire

Confirm an action with javascript before calling the livewire php function